Training and Education

Proper training and education are crucial components for the successful operation and maintenance of a paper cup machine. Whether you are a machine operator, technician, or manager overseeing the production process, understanding the intricacies of the machine is essential.

Course Duration – 1 Months

Here’s a detailed guide on the training and education aspects related to paper cup machines:

First Week: Mother Mold Units

  • The cup wall paper cannot be absorbed.
  • The cup wall paper jump when absorb down.
  • The cup wall paper are pushed in Error plac.
  • The paper wall position is not correct.
  • The cup body not neat from top to bottom.
  • The size of cup body is Errect.
  • The size of cup body is inconformity.
  • Cannot Hook cup body out.
  • How to assemble mother mold unit.
  • How to replace cylinder seal kit.

Second Week: Bottom Cutter Units

  • The left and right position of paper bottom are error.
  • Cup bottom paper be feeded deviate.
  • How to adjust of pressure of bottom roller.
  • Bottom roll cannot be feed somthly.
  • Feeding length of bottom paper is Error.
  • How to replace bottom roller one way Clutch Bearing.
  • Feeding time of bottom paper is Error.
  • How to replace bottom cutter.

Third Week: Folding, Knurling And Curling Units

  • The cup body fall down.
  • Bottom folding is uneven.
  • Single side of paper Cup bottom has bulge.
  • Paper Cup bottom has infiltration phenomenon.
  • How to assemble knurling unit.
  • Rim split open.
  • The quantity of rim is too more or too less.
  • The downer mouth of rim is wrinkled.
  • How to assemble curling unit.
  • The cup is passed.

Fourth Week: Electrical And Maintenance

  • Heating Temperature is out of control it can not stop heating.
  • How to replace Electrical parts. (Temperature Controller, Connector, Switch, Thermocouple wire, Heater etc)
  • How to maintain your Machine. (Daily Maintanence, Weekly Maintanence, Monthly Maintenance)

By implementing a thorough training and education program, businesses can ensure that their personnel are well-equipped to operate, maintain, and continuously improve the performance of the paper cup machine. This, in turn, contributes to increased efficiency, product quality, and overall operational success.

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